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Multipurpose American Tape

Made in Italy

Ultra-resistant waterproof duct tape

FABO Multipurpose American Tape is an extra strong multipurpose duct tape for quick and easy repairs inside and outside the home. It is characterized by extra-hold applications both indoors and outdoors.

  • Ultra-resistant waterproof duct tape
  • It can be cut with your hands and applied quickly
  • Temporary repairs on metals, plastics, bodywork and multiple supports.

Is it resistant to rain?

The American tape is waterproof and resistant to weather conditions.

Can I apply it on all surfaces?

You can use it on glass, plastic, steel. We do not recommend using it on delicate surfaces.

Can I use it to reinforce cracked car bodies?

Yes, it is the most suitable tape for repairing and reinforcing bodies and structures on the outside, it is resistant and is hand-tearable.

How to use the American tape on the scooter

How to use the American tape outdoor

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