100% made in Italy Adhesive solutions

Extra Strong Packaging

Solvent Free Made in Italy

Solvent-free and with super-silent unwinding

FABO Extra-strong Packaging Tape, solvent-free and with super-silent unwinding, is a product for superior performance in the closing of packages and boxes.

  • Suitable for heavy packaging
  • Maximum resistance to wear caused by sources of light and dust
  • Super silent unwinding

Is it heavy-duty?

It is highly resistant, with a thicker substrate and a higher quantity of adhesive. It also resists light and dust.

Can I use it on all types of cardboard?

Yes, thanks to the reinforced thickness, it guarantees maximum hold on all types of cardboard.

Can I use it to close boxes containing heavy products?

Yes, it is the most suitable for heavy packaging and it is very easy and with silent unwinding.

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