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FABO Metro

Made in Italy

Removable adhesive paper tape with centimetre back

FABO Metro is a practical measuring tape for do-it-yourself applications, it works like an extendable ruler thanks to its centimetre back and transforms daily activities that involve measuring into activities that are easy to perform.

  • Excellent removability: leaves no residue on surfaces
  • Hang pictures and frames in an impeccable way
  • Renovate or furnish your home: measure spaces and calculate furniture sizes.
  • Measurement in decimetres that repeats itself

How to hang multiple pictures at the same distance easily?

With Fabo Metro, you no longer need a measuring tape and pencil. Apply Fabo metro to the wall and measure accurately.

Can I use it on all surfaces?

You can use it on all surfaces such as plastic, glass, cardboard, wood.

Does it ruin the surfaces?

Fabo Metro is a low adhesion paper tape, therefore it does not damage surfaces and leaves no residue. We recommend removing it within 2 days of application.

Easily removable centimetre adhesive tape

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