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Masking Delicate Surfaces

Made in Italy

Precise masking on delicate surfaces

FABO Delicate Surface Masking Tape is a product, free of harmful solvents, ideal for accurate masking on particularly delicate surfaces.

  • Easily removable up to 15 days without leaving traces
  • Ideal on: wallpaper, recently painted surfaces, glass, plaster and stucco
  • Water-repellent treatment
  • Available in sizes 25mx50mm, 50mx50mm

Is it suitable for all surfaces?

It is perfect on wallpaper, newly painted walls and all surfaces you are afraid of ruining, as it has low adhesiveness.

Can I use any type of paint?

Yes, even water-based ones, thanks to the particular water-repellent treatment of the paper.

How long can I leave the application on?

You can use it up to 15 days after applying, without leaving residues during removal.

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