100% made in Italy Adhesive solutions

Standard Masking

Made in Italy

Removable paper tape

FABO Standard Masking Tape is a solvent based adhesive tape for general masking applications. Thanks to its versatility, it is ideal for all those painting or renovation works for indoor use and is suitable for masking on products to be painted and already painted.

  • Removal within 2 days of application
  • Available in sizes 19mx50mm, 25mx50mm, 30mx50mm, 50mx50mm

Can I use it on all surfaces?

The standard masking tape is ideal for all indoor surfaces.

Does it ruin the walls during removal?

As it is made of paper it leaves no residue, but we recommend removing it within 2 days of application.

Can I use it to paint shapes on objects or walls?

Yes, it is ideal for DIY.

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