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The ideal solutions for the office or shop

CATALOGUE, SHIP, REPAIR: 3 adhesive tapes in a convenient format

The FABO BOX for the Office and Shop is a practical set of 3 adhesive solutions for everyday use in the office and shop: to send, organise and attach. It contains three different products and a practical space-saving universal dispenser:

  • 1 Adhesive Tape Writable with pens, pencils and permanent markers
  • 20 Tamper-evident labels for valuable shipments and confidential mail
  • 1 Universal Transparent Adhesive Tape
  • Includes a free universal Dispenser!

Do you want to safeguard sending important documents?

Securely send with the Fabo Ship tamper-evident labels that leave an indelible sign of the package being interfered with.

Do you want to efficiently organise storage?

With Fabo Write, close boxes and write down the contents with pens, markers or pencils.

Can I use the dispenser with all types of tape?

It can be used with all tapes up to 50 mm in thickness.

Tamper-evident safety labels.

For faster packing.

The BOX contains 3 adhesive tapes

1 writable packing tape

50m x 50mm

  • Adheres to paper, glass, cardboard and plastic
  • Writable with pen, permanent marker and pencil
  • Universal dispenser

Close boxes easily thanks to the practical dispenser. Label folders and binders.

20 tamper-evident labels

Dimensioni etichetta: 18,8cm x 3,6cm

  • Tamper-evident safety labels
  • For safe shipments

Labels that leave an indelible mark revealing any attempts to open envelopes or packages containing items of value.

1 universal adhesive tape

50m x 15mm

  • Multipurpose tape
  • Adheres to wood, glass, plastic and paper

For minor repairs, torn pages. Join multiple sheets together.