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Auto Scooter


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REPAIR, REINFORCE, INSULATE: 3 adhesive tapes in a convenient format

The FABO BOX Auto Scooter is a practical set of adhesive solutions for emergencies for those who travel by car and/or scooter. It contains three different products:

  • 1 Duct tape to temporarily repair and reinforce the bodywork
  • 1 Extra-resistant Transparent Tape to temporarily secure cracked glass, mirrors and headlights
  • 1 Insulating Adhesive Tape

Do you want to secure a cracked headlight?

Use   the extra-resistant transparent tape. It is resistant to weathering and temporarily safeguards cracks.

Do you have to temporarily repair the bodywork of a scooter?

The ideal solution is Duct Tape, being waterproof and with strong hold. It can be used on plastic, glass and steel.

Do you have exposed electric cables?

Leaving them uncovered is dangerous. Cover them with insulating tape.

Repair tape with a strong grip

UV resistant

The BOX contains 3 adhesive tapes

1 Waterproof duct tape

25m x 50mm

  • Repairs and strengthens
  • Adheres to metal, steel and plastic
  • Resistant to all weather conditions

Repairs motorcycle seat covers, mirrors and handlebars.

1 extra-resistant transparent tape

20m x 50mm

  • Tape with a strong grip
  • UV resistant
  • Adheres to glass, plexiglass and plastic

Repairs cracked glass, windshields, lights and windows.

1 Insulating tape

10m x 15mm

  • Designed to cover exposed wires

Coats and protects electrical wires in scooters and cars. Designed for wrapping cables, conductors and wiring.